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Jeannine's music reaches many genres and age groups. Something for everyone. Her

music services variety so if you like a bit of pop, rock, country, world, South American

or swing her music is perfect for you to enjoy. If your venue or event wants a specific style of the

above, she can service that as well. With experience in performances worldwide, she can fit your

venue or event. If you are a church or a Christian venue Jeannine is a worship leader and Christian

recording artist.

Jeannine's Christian Music

     Jeannine's uplifting encouraging music with a wide variety of styles.

Jeannine's Music For Live Concert Events

       Jeannine's music for fairs, concerts and special events
Raiznhavoc is psychodelic/hard rock/punk/metal music with the emphasis on the need for

faith when everything around you seems to be failing. The mood is captivating and rocks

hard. Faith Gotta Have It is a psychodelic rocker based on the need for faith in a

crazy world. Havoc is destruction and confusion and Raiznhavoc's music is destruction of

sin through Jesus Christ and confusion to the devil.


Catfish On A Stick
Catfish On A Stick is like a good stew with many ingredients to choose from. Itís a different kind of band with

a different kind of music. If you love country, western swing, a touch of Latin, some jazz/small big band swing,

commercial pop, Andrew Sisters vocals, saxophone instrumentals, funny oddball stuff


Sweet Goody Chops

     Sweet Goody Chops "Chops Galore" is coming soon. Bubble Gum music at it's finest



    Christmas music, loads of fun and laughter










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